Lack of space and utilities. Packed and with OHS challenges. More capacity and better work flows needed. How?

PACTALAB offers a unique combination of breadth, specialization, and practical experience.

We CONCEPTUALIZE, develop a DESIGN and create a MORPHOLOGY for modular use. We PROTOTYPE, we build, test and repeat. We launch.

UPLC Lab – Before

UPLC Lab – After

Our Clients face Challenges. Together we face Opportunities

Our clients are many: manufacturers of instruments and lab furniture, facility owners and landlords, lab planners.

Instrument Manufacturers
The right cabinet secures operational conditions: re. eg. temperature and access.
A nice design differentiates the product in the market.

Lab furniture manufacturers
Manufacturers have a strict focus on profitable operation. It may be difficult to free up own ressources for R&D.
New inputs add value to the Companys R&D portfolio.

R&D Biopharma
Landlords aim for optimal and unique facilities, for optimal utilization of space and some flexibility.
They promote facilities and interiors, that attract and retain professionals

Operational units
All clients may face unique challenges, and need unique and competent ressources to solve the issue

Finding The Best Solution. Functional and Reliable

We decompose to understand. We build to last. We bring forward an attractive solution for you.

Subject matters. PACTALAB comprises inputs from daily users, maintenance staff and facility planners.
Key words are:

  • Uncompromized safety
  • Optimal operational conditions: ease of access, overview, housekeeping
  • Increased Up-time: Avoid disassembly of sub-systems and utility connections
  • Savings: Space savings, energy savings / CO2-savings and lifetime cost savings

From Concept to Conclusion. From complexity to modularity

We develop prototypes and single-item products.
0-series items are made at the manufacturer.

We work people-centered in an iterative approach coupled with technology and business thinking.

We manage – in close collaboration with you – the entire process from the first idea to a successful 0-series.

PACTALAB uses a well proven development model to plan, execute and evaluate the process.

Skills and Competences. Lab work, lab design

We work with a network of professionals, experienced from biopharma industry, R&D and Universities. They all hold relevant skills:

  • MEP design, Product Development, 3D-design, Prototyping
  • Product Design, Modular Design, Simplicity and reuse of elements
  • HSE